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The variety of plants that can be grown on MetroCrops equipment will hold students’ interest crop after crop. Shown above are red and green leaf lettuce, purple radish and sunflowers.


Looking for a new tool to teach fundamental science while stimulating the interest and imaginations of your young students?

MetroCrops developed its JR product line after a conversation with a Connecticut educator. The teacher wanted to introduce middle school science students to hydroponic growing while teaching them basic plant biology.


MetroCrops designed a table top size indoor growing system. This unit is based on the technology that was developed as part of MetroCrops’ four year USDA / NIFA research grant project. The Model JR-2 uses the same grow trays and includes the same custom LED grow lights that MetroCrops uses at its indoor commercial farm in Bridgeport, CT.


MetroCrops indoor growing systems satisfy these educator needs.


  • A low maintenance system that is quick to set up and reliable in a classroom environment.
  • A system that is almost fool proof and will yield successful results the first time it is used.
  • A process that can be scheduled to survive vacations and long weekends.
  • A system that is easily integrated into the existing curriculum.
  • A system that can be replenished and reused year-after-year once it has been integrated into the teacher’s lesson plans.



The low cost, two-tray Model JR-2 indoor growing system is an ideal classroom tool. The cost is an affordable $695. The annual school year refresh Grow Kit which replenishes all of the consumables that are used during a full year of operation is only $49.95. This kit includes a year’s supply of rooting medium, plant nutrients, and various seeds that are included with the original system.



8th grade student and her teachers proudly show off the trays of their first crop – Baby Dwarf Kale..


To order your indoor growing system or to talk to a MetroCrops sales associate about a Model JR-2 for your classroom situation call MetroCrops at (203) 345-1510 Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 4 PM Eastern time. Or, email us at





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