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TheJR-8s in a garage farm configuration



You can be the next profitable indoor micro-farmer.


Using the space that you have in your garage, basement, or even a shed, you can build a profitable part time business growing high quality salad greens.


MetroCrops developed its indoor growing systems under a USDA / NIFA funded research project. These indoor growing systems are easy to set up and come with everything you need for successful growing.

What is so important about growing indoors?


During the last two decades the demand for fresh local produce has increased more than 9% every year.

Growing indoors under ideal conditions produces high quality greens that restaurants and individuals are willing to pay a premium price for.

You can sell your weekly crops directly to restaurants and retail customers because you are growing 52 weeks a year. This cuts out the middle man (distributor) and allows you to receive a much higher price for your crops.


MetroCrops has proven this business model at its indoor farm in Bridgeport, CT.


The MetroCrops Model JR-8 hydroponic system is designed specifically for indoor micro-farming. With 8 grow trays and the MetroCrops custom LED grow lights these units are the building block for what can become a profitable, part time, indoor hydroponic micro-farm.


For an investment of $2,495, an 8-tray Model JR-8 unit can potentially net up to $700 per month profit!

You can start with a few units to develop your customer base. And, then slowly increase the number of units to build your business into a very successful venture for fun and profit.

A typical two car garage space can accommodate up to 15 Model JR-8 units with a growing capacity of 120 trays.


Whatever size micro-farm you may be interested in starting with, MetroCrops will support your efforts every step of the way. We want you to be successful, not just sell you hardware.



Micro-farmer Fred shows off his first tray of Dwarf Kale which he grew in his basement micro-farm.



Baby Dwarf Kale and Arugula growing on a JR-8.


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This opportunity could change your life!




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