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This young lady can hardly wait to help harvest the Dwarf Kale, Arugula and Red and Green Lettuce that her grandfather grew.

Grow your own nutritious greens indoors


It is now possible to grow fresh, healthy greens year-round in your home. MetroCrops indoor growing systems were developed under a USDA / NIFA funded research project. The greens you grow will be high in beneficial anti-oxidants and you can grow them pesticide free just as MetroCrops does in its commercial grow room.

Easy start system comes with everything you need to become an instant, successful indoor gardener. Illustrated instruction manual makes set up a breeze.

You get custom MetroCrops LED grow lights, fertilizer, grow trays, quiet pump with timer, burlap growing medium, and starter packets of organic seeds. You also receive a Home Depot gift card and product description to purchase your garden’s reservoir.


Just seed your trays, fill the reservoir with water and the included plant nutrients, plug in the included timer and you will harvest your first baby dwarf kale crop in 21 days.


Growing plants indoors can be challenging. Nevertheless, MetroCrops has taken the difficulty out of the indoor growing process. You don’t need to be a plant scientist to successfully grow your own leafy greens in your basement or family room when you start with a MetroCrops indoor garden growing system.


You will be growing high quality, tasty salad greens that will delight you and your friends. And, you will be doing this 12 months a year.


There are two sizes of indoor garden growing systems available:


  • the two tray personal garden system (Model JR-2) for $695 or
  • the four tray “family and friends” garden system (Model JR-4) for $1,295.


This indoor garden is ideal for growing greens. You can grow up to 2 lbs. a week of baby dwarf kale, baby arugula, or baby leaf lettuce year-round. Or, grow your favorite microgreens such as radish, pea shoots or sunflowers.



Lisa, a master gardener, enjoys growing salad greens on the JR-2 that she received as a Christmas gift.


To order your indoor growing system or to talk to a MetroCrops indoor growing sales associate about a Model JR-2 or JR-4 indoor garden system, call MetroCrops at (203) 345-1510 Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 4 PM Eastern Time. Or, email us at






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